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Welcome Drink

  •  Hot Coffee
    (Milk & mix the coffee powder & sugar.)
  •  Cucumber Delight
    ( A blend of cucumber crush with sprite.)
  •  Jaljeera
    ( Ingredients for cumin seeds, amchur powder, lemon slice fresh coriander leaves. Ice cube required & soda.)
  •  Cold Drink (3 type)
    ( Pepsi / Fanta / 7 up/ thumbs up/ Mirinda )

Welcome Snacks

  •  Masala cheese Balls
    (Potatoes, gram flour & cheese)
  •  Kalmi Bada
    (Fried patties made with lentil & potatoes.)
  •  French Fries
    (Thinly sliced potatoes are deep fry till they are crisp on all sides & then sprinkled with salt, pepper.)
  •  Mini Cutlet
    (Delectable combination of mashed potatoes & green veg.)
  •  Spring Roll
    (Crunchy from outside, with a spiced veg. filling from inside.)


  •  Tikki
    (Mashed potato in bowl, add peas, corn flour, coriander leaves,chilli powder, etc.)
  •  Papri Chat
    (Papri are small flat crisp fried pooris made of plain flour or whole wheat flour.)
  •  Golgappe - Suji /Aata
    (Made with rava/ suji/ aata, maida, baking soda salt.)
  •  Dahi Gujiya
    (Made with urad dal, ingredients cashew, ginger, raisins, cumin powder,coriander etc.)
  •  Moong Dal Cheela
    (Stuffed with paneer, combine ginger, chillies, dal, onion, coriander & chopped peas to the batter.)
  •  Dal Moradabadi
    (Prepared with yellow moong dal & lots of spices.)


  •  Mix Raita
    (mix with cucumber, tomato, onion, green chilli & chat masala.)
  •  Fruit Raita
    (Different type of cuts fruits mixed with cold yougurt.)
  •  Aloo Raita


  •  Veg. Manchurian
    (Mix all (chopped capsicum, cabbage, carrot, beans, onion, corn flour, ginger garlic paste & Black pepper) & make the balls & deep fry & saute with the Chinese sauce.
  •  Veg. Chowmien
    (Boiled noodles sauté in different type of cuts veg. & Chinese herbs.)
  •  Fried Rice
    (Boiled golden sela rice saute in mix. Veg. & Chinese herbs.)


  •  Tandoori Roti (Plain / Butter)
    (Made by whole wheat, bake in traditional Indian clay oven & apply butter when serve.)
  •  Naan Plain
    (A dough (made by whole wheat, gram flour, cumin seed, red chilly, fenugreek leaves, turmeric powder) bake in traditional indian clay oven.)
  •  Missi Roti
    A dough (made by whole wheat, gram flour, cumin seed, red chilly, fenugreek leaves, turmeric powder) bake in traditional indian clay oven.)
  •  Laccha Paratha (Methi - Pudina)
    ( A crispy paratha tricky to make multiple layer with finish in Indian clay oven.)
  •  Poori Kachauri
    ( Whole wheat flour with salt & add melted ghee. Add the blanched palak in blender with ginger & green Chilli.)


  •  Cream of Tomato
    (A soup made from fresh tomato with fragrance of fresh coriander.)
  •  Veg Sweet Corn Soup
    (Made from whole sweet corn, clear veg. stock, corn flour & boiled veg.)


  •   Gulab Jamun
    (Gulab jamun are berry sized balls dunked in rose flavoured sugar syrup.)
  •  Kesariya Doodh
    (Basically a rice pudding, enriched with spices like cardamom , saffron & cashew nuts.)
  •  Venilla With Chocolate Sauce

Main Cource

  •  Paneer Butter Masala
    (It is a bright orange-colored smoth, creamy & Light buttery flavoured north Indian fare.)
  •  Gobhi Keema With Matar
    (blend of desi spices & cauliflower, matar.)
  •  Malai Kofta
    (Potato & paneer balls are deep fried, coated With malai & then added into onion-tomato Gravy.)
  •  Dal-Makhani
    (It is a Punjabi cuisine. Made with whole u rad dal & rajma.)
  •  Mix-Veg
    (Semi dry Indian recipe with a mix veg. cooked in a tomato Based gravy.)
  •  Dum Aloo Banarsi
    (Basic ingredients like potatoes, yogurt, gram masala & chilli powder.)
  •  Veg-Pulao
    (Intgredients for mixed veg. with basmati rice.)

Salad Bar

  •  Green Salad
    (Combination of different cuts of carrot, tomato, radish, onion, lemon etc.)
  •  Salad Russian
    (Mayonnaise & cream mix with peas, potatoes, carrot & cucumber together.)
  •  Salad Sprouted
    (Sprouts salad is loaded with moong dal, crunchy cucumber, vibrant tomatoes, zesty lime juice & tangy chat masala.)
  •  Salad Macaroni
    (Boiled the macaroni, chopping a few veg. & stirring together a super simple creamy dressing to it.)
  •  Salad Varity of Chat
    (Mix the veg. & soya souce, chat masala, sugar,salt,vinegar.)
  •  Salad Kachumber
    (Julienne of carrot, cucumber, tomato, radish, onion, lemon etc. ,mix with cream & served cold.)
  •  Papad (Dry & Fry)

Indian Stall

  •  Kadi-Chawal
    (It consists of a thick gravy based on chickpea flour &contain veg. fritters Called pakoras, to which Sour yogurt. Boiled plain rice.)
  •  Handi Dal
    (famous north Indian dal, cooked with yellow dal.)
  •  Tawa Bhaji
    (Tawa bhaji is a delicious combination of seasonal veg. cooked in an Indian griddle pan.)

Extra Cost

  •  Faluda Kulfi
  •  Mocktails
  •  Kadhai Doodh
  •  Fruit Counter
  •  Pan Counter
  •  Water bottle 250 ml
  •  Rasgulla