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( Aerated Water )

  •   Masala Cold Drink
  •   Green Lime
  •   Soda
  •   Ice Cube

( Mineral Water )

  •   Mineral Water Bottle (250ML)

( Juice )

  •   Orange Juice
  •   Mix Fruit Juice
  •   Guava Juice
  •   Litchi Juice

( Milk Shakes )

  •  Mango Shakes (Chop the mango pulp into small pieces & add milk, sugar or jiggery.)
  •  Strawberry Shakes (Ingredients like fresh strawberries, milk, & ice cream.)
  •  Chocolate Shake : (Chocolate Ice / Milk / Fresh Cream / Sugar)
  •  Banana Shake : (Ingredients for bananas, milk, peanut butter, honey & ice cream)

( Mock tail )

  •   Grass Hopper Punch ( Khas / Mint / Lemon / Pineapple Juice )
  •   Purple Diamond : ( Black Currant / Lemon & Limca )
  •   Khatta Meetha : ( Mango Panna / Lemon & Limca )
  •   Blue Snake Poison : ( Blue Curaco / Orange Juice / Lemon & Limca )
  •   Coco Moon : ( Coconut Juice / Lime Sour / Limca )
  •   Fruit Punch (Made with real cherry, pineapple & cranberry juices.)

Brij Ki Rasoi

  •  Dal Tadka ( Live )
    (famous north Indian dal, cooked with yellow dal.)
  •  Kadi Chawal
    (It consists of a thick gravy based on chickpea flour &contain veg. fritters Called pakoras, to which Sour yogurt. Boiled plain rice.)
  •  Lipatma Aloo
    ( Baby potatoes in a spicy vibrant curd based gravy.)
  •  Dal Ki Kachoori
    (Drain dal & grind coarsely. Heat oil & add all spices stuffed dal.)
  •  Tawa Bhaji
    (Tawa bhaji is a delicious combination of seasonal veg. cooked in an Indian griddle pan.)
  •  Began Ka Bharta
    (Ingredents are egg plant, onions, tomato & spices.)
  •  Masala Okra
    ( Add all dry spice powders one by one. Stir well & sauté for a min. add sauted bhindi, crushed kasuri methi& salt & mix so that onion tomato masala coats bhindi well.)
  •  Methi Aloo
    ( Made with potataoes, fenugreek leaves & a combination of spices.)
  •  Masala Chach in Kulhad from Mathura

Italian Food

  •  Pasta-E-Funghi
    (Macroni pasta served in creamy white sauce with mashroom, chunk of onion & olives)
  •  Veg. Pepperonata
    ( Jamie’s pasta pepperonata recipe has bags of flavor including garlic, onion, parmesan & cream fraiche delicious.)

Soups Station

  •  Espresso Coffee
    (Milk & mix the coffee powder & sugar.)
  •  Hot & Sour Soup
    (Add mashrooms, soy sauce, green chilli, sauce, & veg. stock, salt, sugar,vinegar.)
  •  Veg. Sweet Corn
    (Made from whole sweet corn, clear veg. stock, corn flour & boiled veg.)
  •  Cream of tomato Soup
    (A soup made from fresh tomato with fragrance of fresh coriander.)

Fresh Fruit Counter

05 Types of Imported Fruits and 05 Types of Indian Fruits

  •  Kiwi (New Zealand)
  •  Sarda (Kabul)
  •  Sweet Tamarind ( Thailand)
  •  Globe Grapes (Australian)
  •  Chinese Apple (USA)
  •  Guava (Thailand)
  •  Orange (Indian)
  •  Papaya (Indian)
  •  Pineapple (Rani)
  •  Water Melon (Indian)

Punjabi Dhaaba

  •  Dal Tadka ( Live )
    (famous north Indian dal, cooked with yellow dal.)
  •  Amritsari Cholley
    ( Whole night soaked kabuli chana cooked with pasta of ginger, garlic & onion & Indian ground masala & garnished with tomatoes and onion rings.)
  •  Sarso Ka Saag
    (Unleavened Punjabi bread made from corn flour. Mix of wilted mustard & other greens.)
  •  Rajma Masala
    ( Lightly spiced, creamy and a delicious punjabi curry made with kidney beans.)
  •  Makke Ki Roti
    ( Maize flour shallow fry on tawa in traditional style.)
  •  Stuff Kulcha
    ( A combination of refind flour, salt, yogurt, milk & stuffed with boiled potato, bake in traditional Indian clay oven.)
  •  Steam Rice
    ( Golden sela rice steam in boiled water.)
  •  Spring Onion With Chatni
  •  White Butter & Gud
    ( A diary product, the fat of cream separated from other milk constituents by churning or some from of agitation. A traditional concentrated unrefined non certrifugal sugar product.)
  •  Began Ka Bharta

Rotary Starters ( Tandoor Se )

  •   Paneer Malai Tikka
    (Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in malai & baked in clay oven.)
  •   Paneer Split Tikka
    (Mix all the ingredients for marinade together in bowl. Preheat the grill.)
  •   Achari Paneer Tikka
    (Started made with paneer marinated in a achari marinated.)
  •   Afgani Aloo
    (Scooped potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese, peas, dry fruits, light seasoned with spices, roasted in clay oven.)
  •   Tandoori Broccoli
    (Broccoli florets marinated in lemon grass flavoured yogurt & baked.)
  •   Tandoori Glove Graps
    (Merinated glove graps in Indian masala, baked in clay oven.)
  •   Tandoori Pineapple
    (Marinate the pineapple pieces with ingredients & add chaat masala,cumin powder.)
  •   Tandoori Kathal
    ( Tender pieces of kathal marinated in special tandoori masala, grilled to perfection on the live.)

Bread Station ( Searving Assortment of Bread )

  •  Naan ( Plain / Butter )
    (Made by whole wheat, bake in traditional Indian clay oven & apply butter when serve.)
  •  Missi Roti
    ( A dough ( made by whole wheat, gram flour, cumin seed, red chilly, fenugreek leaves, turmeric powder) bake in traditional indain clay oven.)
  •  Paratha ( Laccha / Pudina / Mirchi )
    ( A crispy paratha tricky to make multiple layer with finish in Indian clay oven.)
  •  Roti ( Plain / Butter )
    ( A dough made by whole wheat, bake in traditional indian clay oven.)
  •  Poori / Kachoori
    ( Whole wheat flour with salt & add melted ghee. Add the blanched palak in blender with ginger & green Chilli.)
  •  Variety of Kulcha
    ( Kulcha is one of the most popular breads in northern india, just like, naans, rotis & parathas.)
  •  Biscuity Naan
    ( Add in maida, besan, suji, powder sugar, salt & cardamom powder & mix all. Pour in th ghee & form into a dough.)
  •  Biscuity Roti
    (Mix plain flour with salt, add in hot oil & mix well. Add in water & knead it into a soft, pliable dough that you can flatten out easily.

Snacks (Beyond the Chinese Wall)

  •   Honey Chilli Potato
    ( Ingredients for potatoes cut into fingers soaked in water & add re chilli flakes, red chilli sauce, red chilli paste, corn flour, salt & garlic chopped.)
  •  Veg Manchurian Dry
    (Mix all ( chopped capsicum, cabbage, carrot, beans, onion, corn flour, ginger garlic paste & black pepper) & make the balls & deep fry & saute with the Chinese sauce.)
  •  Chilli Paneer Dry
    (Add corn starch, red chili powder, black pepper & salt to the paneer cubes. Mix without breaking cubes.)
  •  Crispy Veg.
    (Mix cornflour, refined flour, ginger-garlic paste, MSG, lemon juice, black pepper & salt. Deep fry all veg. Add soy sauce, tomato ketchup.)
  •  Crispy Rice Balls
    ( Combine all the ingredients are(rice flour, grated carrot, spinach, cheese) & mix the mixture binds well. Heat oil & deep fry few balls at a time till they turn golden brown.)
  •  Veg Spring Roll
    (Crunchy from outside, with a spiced veg. filling from inside.)

Patila Ki Karamat ( The Great Pan-Indian Curries )

  •  Paneer Kasuri Makhani
    (soft & Mellow paneer cubes cooked in spicy & rich Mughalai gravy of tomato,cashew nuts,mik cream)
  •  Paneer Handi
    (Special creamy & spicy recipe, here pieces of paneer & diced capsicum is cooked in special type of gravy Of yagurt.)
  •  Palak Corn
    (Spinach & sweet corn is one of my favourite Combination.)
  •  Veg. Jal Frezi
    (Semi dry Indian recipe with a mix veg. cooked in a tomato Based gravy.)
  •  Kofta E Nargisi
    (Dish from the mughlai cuisine. Cooked in rich spicy gravy.)
  •  Shabnam Curry
    (Creamy richness of cashews & goodness of mushrooms & peas, sweetcorn is optional here.)
  •  Dum Aloo Banarsi
    (Baby potatoes in a spicy vibrant curd based gravy.)
  •  Shaam Savera
  •  Dal Makhani
    (It is a Punjabi cuisine. Made with whole urad dal & rajma.)
  •  Shahi Tarkari Biryani
    (Prepared with basmati rice, green peas, cauliflower, paneer, potato, carrot, dry fruits & few Indian aromatic spices.)
  •  Cheese & Peas Pulao
    (Golden sela rice steamed with fresh green peas, cheese & paneer.)

Tawa Snacks

  •  Veg Shami Kabab
    ( Made with kala chana & chana dal mixed with spices.)
  •  Soyabeen Chaap
    (Soyabeen chaap sticks absorbs flavours. Add garam masala, coriander leaves, crushed kasuri methi & all spices.)
  •  Egg Plant With Red Chilli Sauce
    (Egg plant also known as brinjal. Add onion, galic, & tomato. Mix cayenne pepper, salt, cumin, black pepper.)

Snacks Forever

  •  Chilly Cauliflower
    ( Deep fried cauliflower florets sauté with chineese herbs, sauce & garnish with honey.)
  •  Spinach Corn Roll
    (Blend the corn , add chillies,garlic, ginger, & amchur powder & mix well, add the spinach & mi well. Add bread crumbs & cornflourto the mixure.)
  •  Veg. Net Roll
    (Ingredients for pea nuts, potatoes, corn flour & all spices.)
  •  Moong Dal Tikka
    (Tangy & spicy moong stuffed in the boiled potatoes mixture.)
  •  Hara Bhara Kabab
    (Combination of green peas boil potatoes & spinach fresh coriander leaves mixed & deep fried, In shapes of round balls.)

Chatpati Chat Ka Khazana (From North)

  •  Golgappe (04 Types of Water)
    (Made with rava/ suji/ aata, maida, baking soda salt.)
  •   St. Aloo Tikki in Desi Ghee
    (Mashed potato in bowl, add peas, corn flour, coriander leaves,chilli powder, etc. & stuffed with ghee. )
  •   Shahi Dahi Bhalla
    ( Made with urad dal, ingredients cashew, ginger, raisins, cumin powder,coriander etc.)
  •   Bhel Puri
    Mix the puffed rice, tomatoes, onion, add potatoes mix all the ingredients. Lightly crush & add nimkis & golgappas, sev & kaara pusa directly & mix well.)
  •   Pav Bhaji
    (Mixed veg. cooked in a special blend of spices & served with soft bread pav.)
  •   Papri Chat
    (Papri are small flat crisp fried pooris made of plain flour or whole wheat flour.)
  •   Moong Dal Cheela
    (Stuffed with paneer, combine ginger, chillies, dal, onion, coriander & chopped peas to the batter.)
  •   Dal Moradabadi with Choley and Papri
    ( Prepared with yellow moong dal & lots of spices.)
  •   Laccha Tokri
    (Potato basket chaat .peel the potatoes, wash them & grate then. Soak the grated potatoes in cold water for 15 min. after wipe dry using a dry absorbent cloth.stuffed with cholle & Chatneys.)

Chineese Cuisine

  •  Veg.Hakka Noodles
    (Boiled nuddles toast with carrot, capsicum & cabbage, soya sauce, pepper & salt & beans sprouts with spring on.)
  •  Veg. Manchurian
     (Mix all (chopped capsicum, cabbage, carrot, beans, onion, corn flour, ginger garlic paste & Black pepper) & make the balls & deep fry & saute with the Chinese sauce.)
  •  Veg. Freid Rice
    (Boiled golden sela rice saute in mix. Veg. & Chinese herbs.)
  •  Veg. Chilly Paneer
    ( Coated cubes cheese cooked in ginger garlic paste, vinegar, soya sauce, chilly sauce & tobacco sauce.)

Achaar Ka Kona

  •  Aam ka Achar
  •  Neembu Ka Achar
  •  Hari Mirch Ka Achar
  •  Lal Mirch Ka Achar
  •  Gajar Ka Achar
  •  Mooli Ka Achar
  •  Verity Of Murabba

Salad Bar

  •   Russian Salad
    (Mayonnaise & cream mix with peas, potatoes, carrot & cucumber together.)
  •  Coleslaw
    ( Combine cabbage & carrots. Make dressing by combining mayonnaise, vinegar, celery seed, sugar, salt & pepper.)
  •  Waldroff
    (Whisk together the mayonnaise, sugar, lemon juice, & salt. Stir in the apples, celery, walnuts & raisins. Chill until ready to serve.)
  •  Cheese Pasta
  •  Kimchi
    ( Cabbage soaked in the flavors of garlic, ginger, soya sauce, vinegar & chilli flakes.)
  •  Chilly Pasta
    (Heat oil & add onion, garlic & chillies. mix pasta, mushrooms, black pepper, salt, sugar & tomatoes.)
  •  Crispy Noodles
  •  Aloo Anarkali
  •  Garden Green Salad
    (Combination of different cuts of carrot, tomato, radish, onion, lemon etc.)
  •  Sprout Salad
    (Sprouts salad is loaded with moong dal, crunchy cucumber, vibrant tomatoes, zesty lime juice & tangy chat masala.)

Dahi ke koonde se (Live)

  •  Mix Raita
  •  Fruit Raita
  •  Pineapple Raita
  •  Boondi Raita
  •  Burani Raita
  •  Dahi Pakaodi With Sonth

Mughlai Cuisine

  •  Kathi Kabab
  •  Roomali Roti
  •  Spring Onion & Green Chatni
  •  Soya Been Chaap on Tawa

Ice Cream Parlour


  •  Pineapple
  •  Chocolate
  •  Strawberry
  •  Black Current
  •  Butter Scotch


  •  Mango
  •  Orange
  •  Choco

Cups & Cones

  •  Ginger Kulfi
  •  Lichi Lock
  •  Honey Anjeer
  •  American Mix Fruit
  •  Caramel Crunch
  •  Gulabo
  •  Coffee
  •  Santra Mantra

Meetha ( COLD )

  •  Kesariya Kheer
    (Basically a rice pudding, enriched with spices like cardamom , saffron & cashew nuts.)
  •  Rajbhog
    (Mix the saffron with the cardamom powder, almonds & the pistachios. Put the sugar & water over medium heat. Meanwhile mash the paneer & maida together to a smooth consistency.)
  •  Stick Kulfi
    (Made with khoya ( mawa or dried evaporated milk solids.)

Meetha ( HOT )

  •  Moong Dal Halwa
    ( Classic rajasthani dish which is made from split yellow gram cooked with milk , sugar & desi ghee on slow flame & garnish with saffron & almonds.)
  •  Kesar Jalebi With Rabri (Mini)
    ( A popular dish of U.P. which is made by urad dal & make a roundels design & deep fry in desi ghee, deep in thick saffron sugar syrup & serve with rabri.)
  •  Shahi Jamun
    (Shahi jamun are berry sized balls dunked in rose flavoured sugar syrup.)


Relaxing Zone

  •  Hot Coffee
  •  Special Paan Counter

At the Time of Mandap

  •  Tea / Coffee
  •  Fried Makhana
  •  Almond and Kaju